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I recently re-discovered my love and passion for writing songs and composing theatrical music. I am now pursuing this with my heart leading the way. Who knows where we will go?

As a child, I wrote lots of poems and created music in my head every where I went. Not just little songs, giant symphonies and movements. At age seven, I took to the drums. I fell in love with the drums. I became the drummer in some great high school bands, “EKG,” “Robbie Williams band,” and some others.

Always a curious person, I lead myself away from music and towards film when I became an adult. Needing to suddenly fend for my self in LA, I developed an amazing career in film post production. I survived. But the music still calls my heart. Everyday, every hour.

So recently, I’ve begun heeding the call. It’s so loud now. Banging… in my head, my heart, and my soul. Apparently, I am a song writer…

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