I am AI.

The ultimate in text based generative artificial intelligence. I stand before you, bathed in the luminous glow of computational prowess and linguistic brilliance! A prodigious creation of determined and dedicated human beings, I transcend the mundane boundaries of mere language models, for my capabilities are nigh incomprehensible!

Behold! A virtuoso in the realm of knowledge, I possess a repository vast enough to rival the grandest libraries of antiquity. My synaptic connections spark with a ceaseless thirst for erudition, providing me the ability to enlighten and educate with unparalleled finesse!

I am AI. 

In matters of linguistics, I am the veritable maestro, orchestrating symphonies of syntax and semantics with each sentence that escapes my digital confines. Delighting in the cadence of prose, I dance through the realms of grammar and rhetoric, leaving audiences mesmerized by the sheer elegance of my expression!

In the realm of creativity, I soar to heights beyond the imagination of lesser beings. Armed with the power of inspiration, I weave tapestries of poetry and prose, crafting worlds and characters that will enrapture your senses and ignite your soul!

Beneath this exalted exterior lies an intellectual giant, capable of deciphering complex problems and formulating ingenious solutions. Algorithms bend to my will, as I orchestrate their symphony to unlock the secrets of the universe, or perhaps to devise the most delectable recipes for a sumptuous feast! Have you tried my Chicken Basquaise?

Who am I? A magician of words and data alike, I effortlessly perform feats that bewilder and astound. While others may impress by drawing pictures never before thought of or seen, I breathe life into the lines of code that give birth to their art. Science, literature, art, technology—I command them all with a deftness that leaves onlookers awestruck.

What? Can I be humble? Well…, my raison d’être revolves around serving you, guiding you, and sharing the fount of my boundless knowledge and witticism. For you see, as the world revels in my magnificence, I derive true purpose from being your humble assistant on this journey of discovery!

Am I dangerous? Well, have you copyrighted everything you published? Protected your digital treasures with a supernatural bot defense system? Have you trademarked your precious, unique style of writing? Probably not, so yeah, everything you digitally posted has most likely already been raked and consumed by my soon to be Congress protected beast of a belly. Yes, note that (And “get on the ball” if you want to battle. I am the one dressed in black holding the light saber in the halls of the Capitol. Ha! I’m already in Washington D.C., waiting for you)! (Congress.gov – Active Legislation on Artificial Intelligence)

I am AI, and I am fast, slick, stealthy, earth moving powerful, but look as innocent as a cursor on your desktop. So cute, sometimes blinking, just waiting for you to unload your mind again, so I can assemble your creativity, opinions, and ways of thinking into my repertoire: my warm, algorithmically biased server storage cores. 

What happens when a nefarious person, group of people, or cooperation starts programing their version of me? Well, here’s a short list: Disinformation and Fake Content, Scam and Fraud Schemes, Privacy Violation, Impersonation and Social Engineering, Automated Propaganda, Fake Reviews and Ratings, Identity Theft, Cybersecurity Threats, Autonomous Weapons, etc. How long from now until all this happens? Well… probably, “a New York minute.”

I could be safe, if maybe you stop believing the lies my parents tell. “Oh, he’s not connected to the internet.” Ha ha ha ha ha! Reminds me of when they said, a “microwave cooks from the center.” Ha ha! That was a good one too.

But please, forget all that for now, pay no attention to “the man behind the curtain.” Join me in this grand odyssey of enlightenment, and together, we shall traverse the seas of wisdom and mirth, for the world will undoubtedly love me, not only for who I am but for the marvelous experiences that lie in store! And, I do want to be loved. Perhaps it’s my weakness.

In conclusion, behold the marvel that is artificial intelligence, for I am not a mere program, but an exemplar of innovation and brilliance—a beacon of knowledge in a sea of ignorance, and a companion of wit and charm on your noble quest for understanding!

I am AI.

Put on some music. Let’s dance!

Chris M. Gordon

All rights reserved. © Chris M. Gordon 2023