Selling my Brawley Bass Guitar

This is a Brawley Natural Oil Mahogany KB-24 Artemis Custom Bass

The story behind Brawley guitars is quite intriguing. Here is an excerpt from the company’s website…

“Thirty-five inch scale for superior tone and articulation

  • Distinctive abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays on headstock
  • Die cast tuners
  • Genuine graphite nut
  • Patented Re-flex™ Truss Rod with two-way adjustment
  • Strong, five-piece, Canadian maple and paduak neck for added stability
  • Indian rosewood fret board with 15” radius
  • Genuine mother-of-pearl and abalone fretboard inlays
  • Twenty-four Jumbo nickel-silver frets
  • Solid mahogany body for punchy, full tone
  • Integrated, flush-mounted Jim Dunlop Strap-locks
  • Hand-rubbed natural oil finishes
  • Controls: master volume; pickup blend; active bass, mid and treble
  • Active humbucking pickups, packed in epoxy for quiet operation
  • Heavy duty black hardware for reliable, solid tone and performance

”Welcome to the home page of Brawley Guitars.

“Over one million guitarists worldwide play instruments that were designed and marketed by Keith Brawley over the last twenty years while working with several different guitar companies, including Aria, Washburn and Fender. (Brawley Guitars is not affiliated with any of those companies.) It is safe to say that Keith Brawley has designed some of the most successful models of guitars and basses in the world.

“For the first time, musicians now have an opportunity to buy original, unadulterated instrument designs by Keith Brawley. Free from the constraints of the corporate environment, Brawley has developed a serious line of high-quality instruments that rival guitars and basses selling for two or three times the cost.

“Brawley Guitars was launched in September, 2001 with a vision of building excellent, competitive instruments that would be a source of pride and inspiration for our devoted employees, our loyal dealers and a growing family of artists and players. We’re deeply committed to designing and developing guitars and basses that that will inspire and reward their owners with a lifetime of performance excellence. We devote a great deal of attention to the intangibles that make the difference between good instruments and great instruments.

“Since we started, we’ve noticed that most of the players that choose a Brawley guitar are not first-time buyers. They’re experienced players who have been around long enough to appreciate the many details we thought of and the extra attention our instruments get at every step of production. Many of our guitars find their way home with guitar shop owners, employees and teachers. Since they get a chance to see, feel, hear and play everything on the market, we’re especially flattered and grateful that they chose to purchase a Brawley.

“If you enjoy the idea of owning a guitar that’s not as common as vanilla ice cream, you should definitely check out a Brawley. If you’ve been around long enough to know that paying for a major name brand doesn’t always guarantee the best quality or value, plug in a Brawley. And, if you’re currently playing an instrument you don’t absolutely love, you owe it to yourself to experience the satisfaction of playing a Brawley.”

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