Sugar Ray Leonard profiles his extraordinary and exciting journey from being in the Olympics to unlikely path of becoming a professional boxer.

Sugar Ray Leonard

This is Sugar Ray Leonard looking back proudly at his achievement in the 1976 Olympics when he won the gold medal. This was an impressive feat. And he glows from the memory.

I cut this at Yahoo when they had Final Cut Pro 6 (Yes, I said FCP “six.” Ha ha! The memories. Long live FCP!) We were limited to recreated his memory with historical pictures, no footage. Regardless, we created a well received mini short story of his journey. Jeff Girion, the producer for Yahoo, set up some great lighting for Sugar Ray Leonard to escape into his past. A fun piece to edit for Yahoo!

I did post this some time ago, but I am updating the site, and it’s one of my favorite videos I cut, so I am reposting it! For those who have not seen it yet, enjoy!

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