Glad to be working on the tragic love story “Beautiful Drug” this week. An artistic story vision from Jahnny Lee. Lee is a director/cinematographer out of Santa Monica College (SMC) who has created a tragic, drug-drama love story short in collaboration with student producer James Childers entitled “Beautiful Drug.” The video story is inspired by the song of the same name from Thievery Corporation. These guys are talented and I am looking forward to working with them.

This student project is going to get the full Chris M. Gordon treatment. I will be using Final Cut Pro 7 to birth the creative vision and DaVinci Resolve to bring it home with stylish color correction. For visual effects I will be using Apple’s Motion and Autodesk Smoke. We may not need Smoke, but if Jahnny and James ask me to do something crazy, it’s there. [FYI, I am using Smoke 2012. I don’t feel confident that Smoke 2013 beta is fully ready to be implemented yet. So, I will not be using that update during this project.]

The choice between AVID and FCP7 is a pretty easy one. It’s a small project, no script, and FCP7 is fast and easy for small, but intense, projects like this. Stay tuned for the upload. In the meantime, I am having a solo break-it-down festival. Gotta love low budget. Got to.


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